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It’s time….

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With all the heat Anita Sarkeesian gets for her Tropes series, you’d think it was a new topic, but Gene Siskel & Roger Ebert had a discussion on a similar theme when they were talking about the influx of slasher movies on their show in 1980.


34 years later and this is STILL relevant

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Invisible Statues by Rob Mulholland

Scottish sculptor has created a ghostly art installation in the woodland walk at the David Marshall Lodge in Scotland titled Vestige. Originally intended to be temporary, the six mirrored life-size silhouettes (three men and three women) have been so popular that they are now to become a permanent fixture in the previously inhabited woodlands. Mulholland’s idea behind the installation seems twofold:  to create a vestige of the people who once occupied the land until following World War I, when they were re-located while forests were planted to generate timber and; to make people ‘reflect’ upon man’s impact on the nature.

The almost imperceptible sculptures camouflaged by their surroundings have an eerie quality that has been compared by many to the predator in the 1980s film of the same name that seamlessly blends into its surrounding
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Got ‘em, coach!


Got ‘em, coach!

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Happy’ s puppyhood… to the day we took her home

Here are a few pictures from the day Happy was born, to the day we took her home. Most of the pictures were taken by the family who raised Happy. They sent us pictures almost every week. I was so excited I was checking my phone all the time in case some new pictures were sent!

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Zero Den

The gang and their friend Emil


The gang and their friend Emil
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endless list of movies → Saving Mr. Banks (2014)

∟ We all have our sad tales but don’t you want to finish the story? Let it all go and have a life that isn’t dictated by a past?

I really enjoyed this movie, didn’t think I would. Thought it would be a disney puff piece about Walt, but it was great. It made my mom cry though, and talk about her father…which she never does. Didn’t expect that reaction from her.

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A clockwork orange


A clockwork orange

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Gorgeous Photos Of A Grand Canyon Lightning Storm


Gorgeous Photos Of A Grand Canyon Lightning Storm

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 #sokka says stuff like this to zuko when he’s fire lord#in front of other politicians #i mean they’re like what 17/16 when zuko’s crowned#so they have to mingle with adults and sokka’s like FFFF YEAH OK ZUKO #’HEY FIRE DORK I MEAN LORD ZUKO’
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